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I would love to say that I had it all figured out from the start, but I’d be lying. Struggling and very confused would be more realistic. I never really fitted in with others often preferring to be by myself, a chronic introvert! Team sports never really got me going either, even today I prefer individual pursuits like fishing, mountain biking, running or hiking. Anyway, for the majority of my life I have been an often reserved and humble person, which made interacting with others on a social level difficult and public speaking……ahh… no way! Job interviews…. great on paper, terrible in person…. music performances, ok but still incredibly nervous…. In general, around people I was always incredibly anxious and shy.

This affected my life in so many different ways socially and financially although I thought I’d just be able to ‘get by’ and all would be ok. I remember the real kick for me came when I was ‘let go’ from a job I really loved, a trainee windscreen fitter. Doesn’t sound too glamourous and it wasn’t, but I loved it. I can remember driving home after being told that tomorrow would be my last day. Apart from being incredibly upset a fire was started and something changed. I decided from now on I was going to do something. At that time, I couldn’t read or write properly, smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish, dreadlocks down my back….in other words… I was a wild child.

To cut a long story short I basically had to start again. I went to night school to learn how to read and write again, quit smoking and started exercising, cut off my hair… (the worst part of it all), changed jobs (multiple times), I even joined the Army! … then flash forward years later… what has changed?

Well…. I’m certainly better prepared, but have gone down the hole again…. drinking, debt and bad company… I can remember sitting at the hotel, it was a sunny afternoon on a Saturday… I looked around and thought …what the f**k am I doing?… there again was another moment. I looked around and thought… there must be something better than this. I got up, walked out and never went back. Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone even knew I had left!!

As well as getting back to ground level, I really got involved in personal development from then on. Hypnotherapy and Counselling, changed my belief in what was possible. I stared with a basic administration course, then management courses pushing myself as hard as I could go. Two weeks after finishing my Diploma of Human Resources later I enrolled in the Bachelor of Psychology at Charles Sturt University. Then Diploma of Counselling, then Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and I basically haven’t stopped from there.

People will tell you that its luck or a rich family, but its not. Its just hard work and persistence. I’m being brutally honest with you here, what you want is not going to come easy. Yet, there are ways to make it much more bearable.

Once I realised I could change my beliefs, that I could feel comfortable around people, that I could speak in public and interact with others I couldn’t believe it. I can remember sitting there thinking, I just cannot believe this works! I had just completed an interview… completely comfortable, not one bit nervous at all.

I could go on and on about many different experiences I have now had, of which I believe came initially from suffering that led me to finding what worked. So, what I’m saying is that I have not come from an ivory tower and what your experiencing … I have most likely been there. The best part of what I do, I sharing what has worked for me so that others don’t have to go through the same struggle.


Will Chapman began practicing professionally in Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2012 with his rapidly expanding company Restart Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling.

I believe in every person having a fair chance to achieve their goals that they have so worked hard on. If you have worked hard on achieving your goals, yet anxiety is letting you down, I want to talk to you!

My methods are simple, enjoyable, take less than 45 mins and are highly effective. Nothing spiritual or ‘out there’, new age and not based on childhood. Just based on what works.

I just happen to take bookings in Geelong once a fortnight.




Specialist Areas
Anxiety Related Problems, Fears and Phobias


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Training Accreditation:
Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certified Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics,
Specialist Anxiety Disorders
Certificate of Hypnosis and Hypnoenergetics
Diploma of Counselling
Diploma of Human Resources Management (specialist in recruitment and selection)
Bachelor of Social Science Psychology (Completing part-time)
Professional member of the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists and also the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors.
Recognised in the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists industry magazine Unlimited Human.



My Objective
“My objective is to assist every person, not just the ones who can pay the top dollar. My aim is to assist people to achieve their vision and goals regardless of what these may be, who they are or where they come from. Both myself and my clients have found amazing benefits with recorded sessions in particular and my coaching process that is outlined in my book. In today’s world, I cannot emphasise enough how important relaxation and positive reinforcement is, however when combined with Hypnosis it’s a powerful mix for change that will get results in most cases. The potential of recorded sessions in being able to reach and assist a large number of people around the world is very exciting”.