The only sure way of avoiding the same mistakes is to develop new ideas.


Provoke Thought and Creativity.

Problem Solve to Overcome Challenges

 Positively Reinforce to Build Momentum and Achieve your Goals.


I’m sure you would agree with me that it’s almost impossible think positively all of the time, in all situations. Negative thoughts are of course not in your best interests however attempting to stop them altogether results in devoting an enormous amount of time, basically it is an unnecessary waste of your valuable energy.Yes, it’s natural to consciously pummel ourselves into a defeated mindset on a daily basis. Based on our evolutionary roots this self talk probably kept us from stretching out too far and stopped us from freezing to death, starving or getting eaten by a  lion. In modern times all these frightening scenarios we dream up and phrases we reinforce probably have the same effect to dull us into non action, but is this what you really want?

The point here is not to always be thinking positively, but rather to use particular suggestions to create ideas and generate momentum towards achieving your goals. Many people (especially those who suffer from Anxiety) realise that when they start paying attention to their thoughts that the majority of them are negative. Compounding fear, panic and worry is a real problem that we are facing personally and as a society. Everywhere you will see people that are angry and depressed about life, their job or relationships. Not to mention every time you turn the TV on or read the paper you are constantly reminded of reasons of why you just should not bother. As you are reading this, I have a feeling that you are different; willing to counteract the invasion upon your mind and would like to make positive changes in your life. There’s no need to shut yourself off from the world,  or radically change your routine but rather simply increase the amount of positive and creative thinking you do on a daily basis. Simple right? The only outcome from doing this is positive.


Increasing positive and creative thinking enhances the person’s ability to overcome problems, to develop favourable habits, enhance their mood and ultimately achieve their goals much more rapidly.

Create massive changes by Hypnotic Autosuggestion and Conscious Integration/ Reinforcement

These suggestions are designed to appeal to the logical conscious mind that is responsible for generating ideas and problem-solving and the subconscious mind in relearning new and more beneficial thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviour.


(Largely formulated from 3 months before birth to 6-7 years of age)

Habits or Behavioural Responses (stimulus-Response), Instincts, Learned experiences, True Values and Beliefs


(Formed 6 years of age onwards)

Present moment (Logic, Problem Solving, Creativity, Indentity, Socially Acceptable Values and Beliefs)

The idea here was to create not only particular suggestions or statements that reinforced particular outcomes, but also created ideas. You may want to use these in the morning during the day or night it really doesn’t matter. The thing that does matter is that when you are reading or listening to their use positive suggestions that you are also imagining the desired outcome. So for example, if I was to say I am naturally attracting successful outcomes however I was thinking about the drive into work then that suggestion would not have much of an impact. However if I’m imagining and visualising a positive interaction with the client, success on a particular project or achieving a goal that I’ve been working on then that is going to be much more powerful. Lets look at some different interpretations.


    • I maintain an amazingly uplifting attitude towards my goals – When was a time when you felt really proud about something you have achieved? Think about that time and what made it special, then refocus your attention on the goal you want to achieve carrying over that uplifting feeling.
    • Pieces of the puzzle appear before me everyday – What small things could you do today that would make a difference and what resources do you need? Where could you find those resources?
    • I have the heart to embrace my dream and bring it into reality – Do you want it or not? Well, if you want it say that you do and act as though you do. Visualise yourself achieving your goal.
    • With one foot in front of the other my success is inevitable – If you keep moving in the right direction no matter how smaller steps you take you are almost certain to get there! The length of time between now and that moment will come down to the effort you put in.

These are just some interpretation’s of these suggestions. What are your interpretations of these suggestions relating to your life and goals? It may also help to write some of these statements down on a small card and carry it with you throughout the day looking out intermittently. By doing this you are taking a large step upwards and out of the dreary, depressing and highly stressed world that has become many people’s experience. You have chosen to monitor and improve gently one step at a time rather than completely revolutionise. Simply by making slight adjustments you will find along the way that you begin to generate more ways to overcome problems and create solutions.


Warning: It is almost certain that if others found out what you were doing, they are going to criticise you for it. That’s right, others will not be supportive of you, it’s just an unfortunate fact that people will attempt to destroy your happiness to make themselves feel a bit better about doing nothing. Do not let these people steer you away from thinking yourself to success. So what are you going to do? Allow others to dictate your future? No way!


You have taken a massive step by allowing yourself to be open to constructive thought. It is up to you and I’m sure that you going to do quite marvellously.