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Mind Power Motivation: 10 Self-Hypnosis Reading Sessions


All of us like to think that our actions and reactions are a result of logical thought processes, but the fact is that conditioning influences our thinking a great deal more than logic. Your conscious mind knows what you should be doing to create the changes you are looking for. Yet the backlash from the subconscious compels you to continue along the same old path that achieves the same old results. In other words, you know what to do yet you’re not doing it! Days turn into weeks and still no magic has happened. Sound familiar?

Well if it does, lets put an end to this madness! Whether your goals are to lose weight, get fit or keep fit, start and expand business or new career or perhaps just develop a zest for life, this book will assist you to achieve all that plus much more. In reality, you don’t need epic skills and vast amounts of money to create truly remarkable success, just a reliable process that encourages the right thoughts and action at a subconscious level.

One question that arises often is “If I’m under hypnosis, how can I give myself suggestions?” Well I now have the answer, simply read along. You will always be aware of what is going on and be in full control. There is no need to remember or record information to make Self-Hypnosis effective. This method of Self-Hypnosis also allows you to go at your own pace, pause to take in certain ideas and leave others where they are. There’s even space to write down your thoughts at the end of each chapter. You can take this book anywhere and no one will know what you are up to! Use it at home, in your lunch break or relaxing at your favourite place.

Best of all its easy, relaxing and doesn’t cost you a fortune! In fact this e-book is $149.50 of value and that’s not including the untold value of the changes that you are going to make!

So, rest, relax and allow me to do the work for you. It’s a great opportunity. Follow along to cut through the noise and rescue yourself from pain and frustration. Life can be a tuff ride sometimes, so here is your chance to make it a little easier.

These sessions are written in a way that allow you to relax with ease, realigning the subconscious and assisting you to bring about changes that you desire.

Imagine what you could achieve being able to use Self-Hypnosis is such a simple and inexpensive way. To feel motivated, beginning setting and achieve your goals. Well it’s possible and it’s just the beginning! This book is for those people who are looking for a valuable resource to create subconscious change and bring about more successful outcomes in the life. If that’s you, why not give it a go?