Is it money, background or luck?

Is it money, background or luck?

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So why would one person achieve great results and another no results at all? Why are some people so lucky? What makes the difference? Is it money, background or luck?

From my experience it’s most likely not related to any of these things. It’s the degree of commitment that the person has to their vision or goals. The degree of commitments main element is, making a decision. Only when you can make a decision you can achieve above average results.

To live your dreams, you must first make the decision to acknowledge what you’re not happy with. Decision-making is a process and often people do not get to the end of this process because of some simple reasons. Their decisions are lukewarm.

We all like decisions that we can reverse will go back on and it’s true that even the hardest fought and concrete decisions at times need to be re-evaluated. However, what we are attempting here is to strengthen that decision to its highest capacity so that there is much less chance of your dreams being left behind. In my book I highlight some keys factors that prevent firm decisions as this is an incredibly important factor to your success.

When that a decision reaches a higher capacity you’re much more likely to engage more effectively in the creative process of achieving something. Basically, it’s more power to you and more power behind your goals.

Life is full of obstacles. It doesn’t matter a few buying a house, raising a family, deciding to go to her university, start a business, make more money, get fit or something else. There will always be something coming up to try and derail your progress. It is not an easy thing to do, which is probably why not many people fully achieve their goals.

There is one thing however that can make the process a lot easier and that is simply making a decision and strengthening it. Simply making a firm decision to do something is the first element required to change. You can do that right? You must bring this decision up to 100%.

So what does it take to achieve anything that you desire? A decision to do it. That’s why she is so ‘lucky’.

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