Hypnotherapy is well known as a special state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility.


Hypnotherapy allows the client to;

– Be highly susceptible to suggestions of the Hypnotherapist
– Develop uninhibited and highly focused thought &
– Access much more information and resources than what is otherwise possible.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is now rapidly gaining recognition throughout the medical and mental health professions. It has been well researched and scientifically proven to produce lasting results. Over the past few decades there have been many theories and explanations for what Hypnosis is. Some conflict, some agree, some are vastly different to others

The most consistent aspect that has remained the same is the client and the results. Whist facilitated by a Hypnotherapist clients enter a special or altered state of consciousness in which they become increasingly open to suggestion and seem uninhibited in their ability to access parts of the mind that are not normally available

The experience will differ from person to person however most clients remain fully aware and able to carry out conversations while hypnotized although as the session goes on deepen to an extreme relaxation and/ or a sense of detachment (expansion of awareness). The immediate environment is filtered out and a high level of focus or attention on a specific subject can be achieved.

I would highly recommend at that you watch the following video courtesy of the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists to gain an understanding of Hypnosis and its benefits.


Why does it work?


Brief history of Hypnosis, its Applications and even Celebrity Testimonials!





You Can Do It!

You can influence your thoughts, experience, emotions and talents to make significant improvements in your life. You can access a state where you can build new and much more helpful neurological connections for achievement. If you are interested in Hypnotherapy it is important to remember to approach it with an open mind.



Regardless of your susceptibility to Hypnosis, everyone will achieve something. Much of Hypnotherapy requires only a light level of relaxation to be effective, plus we a big establishing a future vision of your success an ensuring you have a practical plan to achieve it. Hypnotherapists are commonly trained in Counselling and Psychology and integrate different methods for achieving lasting success with clients.


We are very understanding, caring and highly motivated in ensuring that you are successful. If we were not, we wouldn’t have been so successful ourselves!


Hypnotherapy Aims

Finding the Cause or Original Sensitising Events
Forming a Full Perception
Releasing the Cause
Subconscious Re-Learning
Replacing Emotions
Forming Healthy Beliefs
Integrating Personality Parts
Future Focussed Visualisation
Imbedding Benefits of Change
Anchoring New Emotions and Beliefs
Ego Strengthening, Self Belief, Confidence and Resilience Building
Goal setting and Coping mechanisms
Self Hypnosis Techniques
Exploration of own Inner Awareness and Life Purpose

Hypnotherapy Techniques

Age Regression and Progression
Ego State Therapy
Suggestions and Metaphors
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Life Coaching Methods (e.g. Goal Setting, Problem Resolution)
Counselling Approaches (e.g. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focussed and Narrative Therapies)
Hypnoenergetics (Clearing Genetic Lineage, Cellular Consciousness, Reframing and Energy Release Exercises)




This diagram above shows the levels of human consciousness or awareness based on Freud’s Iceberg Theory of mind.



As you can see the level just above the surface is the Conscious Mind. I like to think of the Conscious Mind as what is currently in your awareness at a fully alert and awake state. It acts much like an executive being highly analytical and responsible mainly for problem resolution and decision making. It really does not hold a great deal of power (10% max.) and goes about seeking information from the environment (input through the senses) and drawing information from the subconscious mind (memory) to resolve problems or analyse your experience. It is continually observing and categorising.

The next level is the most important to Hypnotherapy which is the all powerful Subconscious Mind. This is the mind that runs your habitual thinking or habits and stores beliefs and past experience. Once a pattern of information is programmed into the subconscious it just runs that same pattern when required without any effort at all. Most of the time this is very helpful, for example you wouldn’t want to learn how to brush your teeth or drive the car every time you needed to. However, what if the pattern that was programmed is unhelpful? What if you learnt how to drive poorly or repeated bad driving habits? The subconscious will not discriminate, it will just run the same pattern over and over again like a bad employee performing something the same way despite the conscious mind (or executive) observing and bringing it to their attention.

Past experience is the same. If this experience, associated response and outcome is programmed by previous learning then when the experience is confronted again (either real or imagined) the pattern is triggered and an automatic response is repeated. Do you know the amazing thing? Most of the programming was done at an early age 3 months to 7 years old while your conscious mind was developing and no longer applies!

Could you change this pattern at a Subconscious level? Absolutely you can! However, it would require you to be working with your mind at a sub-conscious level. This is why Hypnotherapy is so powerful. A trained Clinical Hypnotherapist guides you in person or on a recording into a subconscious state and assists you to dislodge unhelpful programming a form new and more helpful patterns.

The Unconscious Mind could be viewed as an inaccessible repository for deeply repressed memories. Although much research has been done on the Unconscious mind, it’s still anyone’s guess. My opinion is that dreams could possibly be a representation of pieces of information from the unconscious and Superconscious.

The Superconscious Mind is more spiritual in nature. It is that mind that goes well beyond what we know and deals with things such as past lives, telepathy, psychic powers and associated areas. We know this exists but still is one of the areas of science that we don’t really know much about.

The mystery continues.

Can a Hypnotherapy help me?

I have studied and applied both Psychology, Counselling and Personal Development techniques for over 10 years and in my opinion Hypnotherapy is the most powerful ways to change beliefs, emotions, thoughts and behaviour. This is because Hypnosis deals with the cause at a subconscious level, not just provides lengthy conscious coping methods.

Many believe that Hypnotherapy is reserved for those with mental health issues, fears or phobias or otherwise. However that fact is that just about anyone can take advantage of hypnosis and altered states to improve aspects of their life. Lets face it if your are growing and evolving there is always an aspect of your life that seems to be lacking or could be improved such as finances, relationships, career, business, education or health.

But my situation if different, so will this apply to me?

Absolutely. Suggestions are interpreted and applied within an individuals context, rather than one size fits all. Your background, experience, knowledge and unique situation is very important.

Hypnotherapy is not designed to have you act out commands, as any may believe. Rather it is designed to be interpreted by your mind in its own unique and creative way. You are in control of how you would like to use Hypnotherapy to assist you, meaning you can take on and apply some parts and leave others. You are under absolutely no obligation to be hypnotised or to adopt suggestions.

This is why our recordings are specially designed to be interpreted in various individual ways and use binaural beats specially designed hypnosis background music to create something special for everyone regardless of their own unique circumstances.

You can rest assured that we recognise each person is unique, and one blanket approach is unlikely to be effective given the diversity of the human experience.

I’m still not sure this is right for me.

Its a natural instinct to fear the unknown. However hypnosis or a trance like state occurs naturally in everyone throughout a normal day.

Our hypnotherapy MP3s and Online Services are planned as an extension of everyday mental processes of normal living. Without realising it most if not all people experience some level of a trance on a daily basis, particularly when becoming absorbed in something of interest. This usually occurs when the ‘something of interest’ is external such as a movie, TV show or book etc.

Hypnosis is a trace like state much the same however the something of interest is your own internal world and what you would like to overcome and achieve. During such periods of inner reflection the conscious mind relaxes and filters out unimportant aspects of the external environment allowing you to explore the subconscious mind. You have the power to achieve amazing things.

When a person becomes used to going in and out of a trance they can become more receptive to their own inner experience and unrealised potentials often in ways that are often surprising.

With the help of a Hypnotherapist these potentials can be explored and developed in a creative way. A certified Clinical Hypnotherapist has a good knowledge of unconscious processes and behaviour, and the significance of emotion. Above all a high regard for the unique experience of each individual.

Hypnotherapy is not only safe, and effective but can bring about an insight into yourself and what is possible for you.


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