If you lived till 90.

How many years of your life would be spent worrying about things that never happened?

Its an interesting question isn’t it. Have you ever thought about this before?

Many years ago now I was in a state of extreme distress. Many aspects of my life seemed to be falling down around me like avalanche and I was looking for solutions, fast. I found this Hypnotherapy Session that was based on a Rainforest, with a deep breathing induction and staircase down to a porch surrounded by nature. At first I found it hard to relax into it, and never having tried anything like this before was a little unsure what to expect. After-all I couldn’t feel any worse so why not throw myself into this completely, I thought. Well, from the end of this session I was hooked in every way. I just felt so calm and was able to think things through much more rationally than previously possible. The more I listened the more calm and in control I felt, like a different person. I can remember sitting there saying to myself “wow this is powerful stuff”.

I told others about this and gave the recording to them. To my surprise, nothing happened for them (provided that the actually listened to it). So why me? Why did this have so greater effect on me and not them? This was a question that I pondered for a long time. As I began to excel through my fear and doubt, they were still bathing in it and I was looking for answers. After a while the answer hit me. I decided, that I had enough of feeling anxious and worrying all the time, and this was going to work or I was going to work at it till it worked. And…. not surprisingly after-all… it did.

I believe that based on my experience Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective on Anxiety. It was explained to me early on that Anxiety patients are incredibly difficult to Hypnotise given that they are constantly analysing the environment for threats and unlikely to relax deeply enough to enjoy the benefits. I tend to disagree with this provided that the client feels comfortable with being Hypnotized and trusts the Professional placing them into a trance and guiding them to change. This is where Recorded Session work wonders with Anxiety in that both those areas can be covered comprehensively in that using a recording in their home or a safe and comfortable place eliminates the majority of the threat component. Plus by purchasing the Session through a reputable company with qualified and accredited professionals takes care of the rest, to where the majority of the mind is desperately looking for some downtime. What better way to spend your downtime than deeply relaxing in a trance, feeling great and succeeding in ways you never though were possible.


My Sessions Target Mental, Physical and Emotional improvements.Diagram-for-MP3s

What would it mean to you if you just felt calm and relaxed throughout the day, taking each challenge in your stride and achieving more than you thought possible? If you expanded your awareness of yourself and your incredible potential how would the most important areas of your life improve? Your health, relationships, career and finances. 
With recorded sessions the benefits can be much more long lasting as the person can listen over and over again in the comfort of their home or place of their own choosing. The person will get better and better at going into a trance and the reinforcement of the ideas contained in each session will begin to make a difference. The suggestions are almost certain to have an impact and begin to influence the thought process at a subconscious level, where it counts. After all increasing your success in any area initially comes down to an awareness. An awareness of things that can assist you but most importantly awareness of yourself. Who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, what you want for yourself and others, why you want to do, be or have those things and how you might go about achieving them.