Powerful Hypnotherapy Scripts for Use With Your Clients

Get them the result they are looking for fast!

There nothing worse than having a client and being stuck for the right words, or a creative way to assist them. There are literally thousands of phrases, metaphors and entire scripts out there, yet to be honest I wouldn’t use more the 80% of them. Excessive use of negative words and imagery for example, I consider to be a very common mistake when attempting to design productive sessions with clients. Yet scripts are full of them and often visualisations are guiding them down the path of reinforcing the opposite of what is intended.

Here you will find a selection of scripts and ideas that I have used often and found to be highly successful. Unlike all others, all the scripts found here are in Word and PDF format, therefore you can change, delete or add whatever you would like to! Also, you can print them out and use them with clients as your own!

You are permitted to use these scripts with clients or personally, however are not permitted to copy, record or otherwise for the purpose of making products (e.g. Books and CDs).


Downloading: All Scripts can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

Format: Documents in both Microsoft Word (unlocked) and PDF.

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