Getting the most from your Hypnotherapy Sessions


Welcome to my website it great to have you here. This has been an absolute passion of mine for a long time to bring you this website and I really hope that you gain some benefit from it. Here you will find a collection of professionally recorded Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions authored and delivered by myself. Thousands of people around the world each day are using Hypnotherapy to release past experience, break and develop new habits and change their beliefs and attitudes to achieve their goals. People suffering from Anxiety problems are able to relax themselves completely and attend interviews, exams and make speeches in public. Others are able to excel at musical, artist or acting roles whilst the corporate sector employees are out performing their peers on a massive scale simply by allocating some time and effort to change the way they think.

We all know that if you change the way you think, what you think about changes.


My sessions are designed to target Mental, Physical and Emotional improvements.


 Mental Faculties



Problem Solving



Physical Health

Immune System


Relaxation/ Inner Calm


Improved Sleep

Emotional Wellbeing

Happiness and Calm

Release of Experience



Confidence and Self Belief



What would it mean to you….. if you just felt calm and relaxed throughout the day, taking each challenge in your stride and achieving more than you thought possible? If you expanded your awareness of yourself and your incredible potential how would the most important areas of your life improve? Your health, relationships, career and finances. 
With recorded sessions the benefits can be much more long lasting as the person can listen over and over again in the comfort of their home or place of their own choosing. The person will get better and better at going into a trance and the reinforcement of the ideas contained in each session will begin to make a difference. The suggestions are almost certain to have an impact and begin to influence the thought process at a subconscious level, where it counts. After all increasing your success in any area initially comes down to an awareness. An awareness of things that can assist you but most importantly awareness of yourself. Who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, what you want for yourself and others, why you want to do, be or have those things and how you might go about achieving them.

Some Basic Points are:

To maintain an open mind. Many of you will be aware of a popular term within the movie industry called suspension of disbelief’. This term refers to a semi-conscious decision to put aside your doubts and disbelief long enough to enjoy the movie. If you were to watch Spiderman you would willingly accept that there is a person with the ability to shoot a web from their palm and swing around buildings rescuing citizens in need. If you were to dispute each part that conflicted with your interpretation of what is possible then you couldn’t enjoy the movie. The point that I’m making here is to fully experience the message that is being put across I would ask you to suspend your disbelief just for this short space of time so that you can fully participate and absorb the content.

Everyone can reach a Hypnotic State:

You are Hypnotisable. The majority of people are most certainly Hypnotisable. This of course differs from person to person however almost everyone can reach new levels of trance with a little imagination and practice. The following describes the levels of brain wave frequency we experience from being wide awake and active to being completely asleep.

Beta Full Consciousness (13-25 Cycles per second)

Alpha Twilight period between being asleep & being awake Hypnosis & Meditation (8-12 Cycles per second)

Theta Deep Hypnosis & Meditation (4-7 Cycles per second)

Delta Full Sleep (0.5-3 Cycles per second)

You will notice that on a sliding scale the mind slows down as you pass through Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta on your way to sleep every night. People often tell me that they cannot reach a Hypnotic State, this is of course not correct. You need to pass through the same Alpha and Theta states used in Hypnotherapy to fall asleep, so if you couldn’t reach a Hypnotic State then you couldn’t fall asleep. It kind of puts that argument to rest fairly quickly. The main point I am getting at here is that you can access a Hypnotic State (Alpha and Theta) and you are Hypnotisable to various degrees of which can be improved upon.


Enhancing the experience:

At the most basic level you want to ensure that you are comfortable and can remain in this position for at least 20 – 30 minutes. Some people like to have a warm shower or bath prior so that the muscles are nice and relaxed. I do not recommend lighting candles etc. due to the fact that you may fall asleep. It is also helpful to write down your experiences after the session as a means of tracking your progress and reminding yourself of key points. So that’s about it and I wish you the best with your journey and hope that you find this time productive and enjoyable.


Best Regards,
Will Chapman, DCht.