5 Ideas that will Assist you to Achieve your Goals Faster.

5 Ideas that will Assist you to Achieve your Goals Faster.

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5 Ideas that will Assist you to Achieve your Goals Faster.

If you are the one trying to motivate yourself and get somewhere whilst everyone else around you either can’t be bothered or are trying to drag you down then, then maybe a few of these ideas may help you.

There are some things that you can do yourself that will make a difference, and you don’t need to let everyone know. Just be vague when they ask, hey how did you get that done so fast or succeed in this or that. Let’s be honest most things of value take a fair bit of effort to achieve and you are going to have to get serious if you really want it.

Here are a few things that I have discovered that really work for people (including myself) and perhaps you too!

  1. Keep a diary and write in it every day. Sounds simple right? Note down the steps you are taking towards you goals how you did them, what’s coming up, the frustrations, obstacles, and the people that are getting in your way and the ones that are helping you (trust me, they will provide much motivation). You’ll be able to look back and reflect upon your journey. It will also give you a sense of achievement. I do this every day over a morning coffee and find it really help to establish a sense of direction for the day and what I want to achieve.
  2. Become aware of the habits you have formed and how to get around them. Ask yourself “if I could do this in a better way, how would I do it?” Could I plan better so if I try to get out of this, I will find it difficult. How can I reward myself and how can I stay motivated? (i.e. if all else fails, trick yourself!)
  3. As you encourage yourself, at the end of every week summarise what you’ve written and determine what improvements are required for the following week. Basic yet essential!
  4. Learn to meditate or use Self-hypnosis to get to where you want to go faster by getting rid of the daily trash that pollutes the mind.
  5. Inform everyone who needs to know that you’ll be offline for some short periods of time that you will be working on your goals. Once you’ve organised your time, be ruthless and dedicated. Failing to do this will result in a nasty thing called procrastination to hold you captive! Or daydreaming and time wasting. Life is short and if you don’t plan your time others will take it out of your hands and plan it for you!

In addition, get fixed on these two things: 1.             Your level of commitment; and 2.             The quality and content of your communication with yourself.

If you have the determination to have a go at a few of these ideas, you will find you progress begins to speed up. With progress become motivation and before you know it you will be wheeling out your goals one by one. Why? Because no one else does these things! It’s incredible.

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