1 Simple Idea Can Change it All

1 Simple Idea Can Change it All

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It seems CRAZY. A simple shift in your awareness created by a single idea, can make an enormous difference in achieving what you want. I have met with many people who have come across one simple idea (including myself), that has turned thier life around. Not 50, just 1. Afterall, where else would anything start?

Today there are many people going about their daily activities with no real idea of the fact that they are quite literally compounding the problems that they complain about. You will not find a apple on a lemon tree.

The shift in awareness towards straightening things out and acting on opportunities and ideas could quite literally eradicate their problems. Well at least on some level.

So how do you begin to straighten out your thinking and make a firm decision to go for something that might be uncertain or somewhat forbidden at the time? Well, what is the alternative? More of the same right?

Firstly, you need to begin to become aware of what is floating around in that mind of yours. Secondly you need to expose the patterns of thinking that a holding you back in thirdly begin to replace them by taking small and consistent action on a daily basis. If you have a great idea, have done the required sensible research, then what are you waiting for? You could start today simply with a pencil and paper. It’s what I did, and many others have done also.

Unless you can become aware of the conflicting information that is being bounced around in your mind making a decision is going to be difficult. If there is something that you really want to do but you haven’t done it, then it is very likely there is a battle going on that needs to be won. My book Empower the People will assist you in understanding what is holding you back, making the decision and sticking to it.

After all life is a series of decisions and if you can’t make the decisions you will stagnate. If you stagnate you get kicked around and if you get kicked around you going to feel like crap. It’s far better to make a decision and to be moving forward in a direction than no direction.

Unfortunately, many people choose the earlier option and wait and look patiently as the days pass by. This is it, there are no second chances. Whilst the work day might be extremely long, the week will pass by and following are the years that will pass more quickly than ever if you don’t get your ass moving!

Don’t ‘like’ and ‘try it’, WANT IT, WILL IT and DO IT!

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